Traditional and New Folk Music

A source of traditional fiddle tunes as well as original tunes
Welcome to all Shoe Goo Campers! It's going to be another great year at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas, and Shoe Goo Camp is THE place to be! 

2018 Shoe Goo Tunes

Watch this space for homework around August, 2018

2017 Shoe Goo Tunes

15th Scottish Division  
Barn Dance  
Black Mountain Aire  
Calum's Road  
Charleston Gals  
Custers Fancy Medley  
Donkeys Glen  
Fiddlers Farewell to the Moon  
Fish Upon The Hook  
Gone to the Free State  
Green Willis  
I Think It's Thursday  
Jeff Sturgeon  
Karen's Klezmer  
Keg O'Nails  
Laughing Waters Reel  
Liechtensteiner Polka  
Little Dutch Girl  
Maggots in the Sheep Hide  
Miss McLeod's Reel  
Polka du Grand Rouge  
Sea Shanties Medley   

2016 Shoe Goo Tunes

Diggy Diggy Lo  
Five Miles from Town  
John Brown's March (Sweet)  
Klezmer Kerry Polka #1  
Lass on the Strand, The  
Little Billy Wilson  
Mike in the Wilderness  
Molly Put the Kettle On  
Old Melinda  
Patty Ann  
Rockingham Cindy  
Sourwood Mountain  
Sword in the Hand  
Western Country  
Willow Creek  

2015 Shoe Goo Tunes

Arrington's Breakdown  
Blue Mule  
Cat Fish Jig  
Day of Reckoning  
Devil in the Hay Stack  
Duck River  
Flop-Eared Mule  
Forked Deer  
Gander in the Pratie Hole  
Jaybird Died of a Whooping Cough  
Old Horse and Buggy  
O'Sullivan's March  
Saddle Old Kate  
Sal's Got Mud Between Her Toes  
Salt River  
Sleepy-Eyed John  
Yellow Gals  

2014 Shoe Goo Tunes

Apple Blossom  
Boys, My Money's All Gone  
Breaking Up Christmas  
Cedar Hollow   
Cincinnati Rag  
Constitution March  
Diamond Joe  
Earthquake, The  
Heights of Cassino  
I'll Buy Boots for Maggie  
Jake Gillie  
Lake Charles Waltz  
Merry Gardener Hornpipe, The  
Moses, Hoe the Corn  
Old Mose  
Pear Tree  
Resting Chair  
Stone's Rag  
Stump Tail Dog  
The Captain  
Walk Along John to Kansas 

2013 Shoe Goo Tunes  

Ancient Cottonwood  
Ashokan Farewell  
Barrowburn Reel  
Bert Ferguson  
Bill Cheatham  
Bottom of the Punchbowl  
Catskill Mountain Waltz  
Chinquapin Hunting  
Connaught Mans Rambles  
Cook in the Kitchen  
Cows in the Turd Pond  
De Colores  
Devil in the Strawstack  
Durangs Harnpipe  
Flying Home to Shelley  
Franks Reel  
Fred Finns  
Golden Slippers  
Grand Picnic  
Hobb Dye  
Hole in the Hedge  
Jolie Blon  
Katie Bar the Door  
Kilnamona Barndance  
Le ruisseau francais  
Little Judique  
Lonesome Road to Dingle  
Maple Leaf  
Mar Djanja Song  
Market Town  
Mick Finns  
Nixons Farewell  
North Carolina Breakdown  
Old Blair Mill  
Pig Ankle Rag  
Rakes of Kildare  
Reel Ti Me  
Round the Horn  
Sacketts Harbor  
Sadie at the Back Door  
Second of May  
Seneca Square Dance  
Sheila Coyles  
Soldier's Joy  
Sourgrass and Granite  
Star Above the Garter  
The Indian  
Wild Rose of the Mountain  
Wimbush Rag   

2018 Old Time Gathering Tunes

February 24, 2018 in Rose Hill, Kansas  
We're assembling our homework so keep watching
this page for new tunes.

Black Rock Mountain  
Did You Ever See The Devil, Uncle Joe?  
Hawks and Eagles  
Kid on the Mountain  
Newt Payne's Tune  
Stoney Point  
Sweet John Brown's March  
The Virginia  
Who Hit Nellie with the Stovepipe?
You Married My Daughter, And Yet You Didn't  

2017 Old Time Gathering Tunes

Battle of Cedar Creek  
Bob Taylor's March  
Brisk Young Soldier  
Jeff Sturgeon  
Liquor Seller  
Meghan's Hornpipe  
Old Ladies Pickin' Chickens  
Rush and the Pepper  
Santa Anna's Retreat  
Squirrel Hunters  
Step to the Music Johnny  
Stoney Point  
Stump Tail Dog  
Valley Forge  

2016 Old Time Gathering Tunes

Birds, The 
Bound to Have a Little Fun 
Cleveland Park 
Ducks on the Mill Pond 
Elk's Festival Hornpipe 
Harp and Shamrock 
Joe Banes 
Martin's Waltz
President Garfield's Hornpipe 
Sail Away Ladies
Walk Old Shoe, Heel Come A'Draggin 
Yew Piney Mountain

2015 Old Time Gathering Tunes

Belltable Waltz  
Betsy Likens  
Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine  
Boys Lament For His Dragon, The  
Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap  
Duck River  
Dull Chisel  
Hole in the Hedge  
Kickin Up the Devil on a Holiday  
Peter Francisco  
Peter Went a Fishing  
Piney Woods Gal  
Rebel Raid  
Santy Anno  
There Is A Tavern In The Town  
Wake Up Susan  
Walk Up Georgia Row  

2014 Old Time Gathering Tunes

Colder Than a Bearcat  
Flying Indian  
Hell Agin the Barn Door  
Judge Parker  
Mr. and Mrs. MacLean of Snaigow  
Old Yellow Dog  
Possums Tail is Bare, The  
Pretty Little Cat  
Puncheon Floor  
Squirrel Hunters  
Step Around Johnny  
Step to the Music Johnny  
Yellow Cat  
Yellow Gals  

2013 Old Time Gathering

Big Liza Jane  
Booth Shot Lincoln  
Bow Frog  
Breakingup Christmas  
Cold Frosty Morning  
Colored Aristocracy  
Dance All Night  
Elk River Blues  
Gold Rush  
Goodbye Liza Jane  
Grey Eagle  
Hey, Aunt Katie...  
Horace Hanesworth\  
Home with the Girls in the Morning  
Jeff Sturgeon  
Johnson Girl  
Kitchen Girl  
Pretty Little Dog  
Pretty Little Shoes (Lester's version)  
Rock the Cradle Joe  
Sadie at the Back Door  
Springfield Girl  
Squirrel Heads & Gravy  
Step Around Johnny  
Step to the Music, Johnny  
Valley Forge